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Apps: The Route to Academic Superiority

Posted by on December 27, 2017

Since the invention of smartphones paired with the added benefits of apps, which are available to people free of cost. This has made knowledge and information available to students with just a click.

Students, in particular, can take in a huge advantage from these apps, as these apps lend support and assistance to students in necessary and crucial tasks.

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As said by Greenfield and Cocking [1996] it now easier to create environments in which students can learn by doing, receiving feedback and continually refine their understanding and build new knowledge, all this is possible due to technology, which apps are a by-product of.

The romanticised view of technology is that a mere prevalence of it in schools and in student’s life will make advancements in student’s achievements and knowledge. The below-mentioned apps lend support and assistance to students, which are unable to find.


Dictionary & Thesaurus: Not everyone has a vast mind-map of vocabulary in their brain. Therefore, in order to add finesse to your essays students must incorporate words which make it look exemplary. The dictionary/thesaurus app allows students to search meanings of words which they are unaware of and also look for alternative words, which aren’t clichés or rudimentary.

YouTube: The YouTube app is a great way to learn for students who can acquire knowledge better in a visual form. There are a multitude of videos available on varied subjects, with credible teachers and intellectuals imparting information to students anywhere and at any time. This, therefore, makes it accessible for students, even with a geographical distance.

Health: You’re only as good as your body is. Students should prioritise their health and make it a point to take out time to concentrate on their mental and physical wellbeing. As they make a huge contribution to their academic achievements. The health app allows you to keep track of your nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and activity. As a result, it allows the user to see their progress and then make the necessary amends. The features in the health app include calculation of steps taken each, sleep analysis, or how long a person has exercised for. Moreover, the mindfulness facet keeps track of how long you have decompressed for or stayed centred, this, in the long run, allows students to be mentally sound and fit, as too much pressure and stress in not mounted upon them.

TED Talks: These talks are usually given by people of importance and stature, as it provides an impetus to the ones listening to follow through. Students can take heed from these influencers and try and integrate their skills and habits into their life. The value of Ted Talk is essentially, its ability to bring diverse voices into a coherent whole pursuing a unified mission, which is to motivate people, make people more aware and make them open to new perspectives.

Duolingo: Being bilingual is always an added advantage, you can comprehensibly understand a resource material which can be incorporated into your essay. Duoloingo allows the student to learn a new language e.g. French, Spanish Italian, German and etc. While keeping it fun, by turning the lessons into games, which makes it an amusing and entertaining way of acquiring skills of a new language.

Dragon Dictation: There are times when you are tired and your wrists are killing you, due to the constant writing. This app aids in typing out whatever content you dictate to it through a microphone which is embedded in your phone. Therefore, it helps in saving time and giving your wrist that much-needed rest.

Author Bio

Mark Linton, is a Social Anthropology professor who is currently on a sabbatical pursuing his writing love. He has many feathers in his cap, providing Best Essay Writing Service UK, traveling the world and going on humanitarian trips to help and volunteer for disadvantaged and deprived communities.